Behavioral Rules

Behavioral Rules

If we find behaviors contrary to the spirit and values of our community (ComeHome Values Summary) and these rules, we will, at our sole discretion, warn the host, suspend the host status, or in more severe cases, suspend the account.

Behavioral Rules

All ComeHome hosts must respect the values of our community and good behavioral norms, including:

  • Welcome and Inclusivity: making people feel comfortable, approaching the community without prejudice, being ready to embrace diversity.
  • Collaboration, mutual support (among hosts).
  • Respect and loyalty (among hosts, between hosts/participants, and towards ComeHome).


Unacceptable behaviors include:

Offensive or discriminatory language towards other community members (during events, on social platforms like crew, Facebook groups, or ComeHome’s Instagram page).

Personal attacks on other users.

Aggressive or harassing behavior and/or attitudes aimed at denigrating other hosts.

Respect others:

Treat others with respect, listen to their opinions, and respect individual differences.

Be authentic:

Be yourself and encourage others to do the same. Be known for who you really are.


Participate actively:

Join events with a positive and open attitude. Contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Avoid offensive behaviors:


We do not tolerate offensive, discriminatory, or intimidating behaviors. Report any problems to ensure everyone’s safety.

Respect privacy:

Respect the privacy of other participants. Do not share personal information without explicit consent.

Be mindful of the environment:


Consider the environment during events and respect local rules and norms.


Be open to dialogue:

Be open to meaningful and respectful conversations. Make an effort to understand others’ perspectives.


Promote safety:

Provide constructive feedback and help create a safe environment. Report inappropriate or concerning behaviors.


Enjoy yourself:

Participate with the goal of having fun and making positive new connections.

Contribute to the community:


Try to contribute positively to the community, participating actively and sharing engaging experiences.


Event Moderation:

Events proposed by hosts are subject to moderation by the ComeHome team, which has the authority to approve, request changes, or reject event requests.


Event moderation aims to:

Enforce our community’s quality standards.

Offer experiences aligned with the community’s interests and expectations.

Ensure adherence to guidelines introduced by the Team during the training process.


Age Range for Events:

To ensure an optimal socialization experience, it’s essential that some events indicate an age range (strict or flexible).

For the following formats, defining an age target is mandatory:


Food and Beverage.





Events in the above categories that wish to have an open age range (“for all ages”) will be reviewed by the ComeHome team.


For the following types of events, the age target can be open (“for all ages”):


Art and Culture.

Training Course.


Nature-related (feedback requested).


If a host fails to adhere to this rule, the ComeHome team may cancel the event after consulting with the host.


Note: Official events organized by the ComeHome team are exempt from this constraint.


Changes to Published Events:


Event Date: The date of a published event can be changed by the host autonomously, up

to two times within a maximum of 30 days, with a mandatory reason for the change.

  1. Event Filling: A live event must reach at least 40% of the expected attendees 6 hours before the start of the event, or in any case, the minimum number specified during organization. An online event must reach at least 40% of the expected attendees 3 hours before the start. If the event does not meet the 40% threshold, it must be canceled or postponed by the host. The cancellation of the event is the responsibility of the host; if a host does not monitor their event’s progress and fails to cancel it when it doesn’t meet the required standards, the ComeHome team reserves the right


to suspend the host’s status.


  1. Gender Balance: It’s important to always strive for a fair gender balance (which may vary based on the nature of some events, subject to consultation with the ComeHome team). Once the event is published, its gender balance cannot be changed. If an event does not maintain a balance that ensures quality experience, the ComeHome team might cancel it after consulting with the host.


Note: No changes can be made less than 3 hours before the start of the event. In such cases, it will be necessary to move the date or cancel the event. Communicating any changes through the event’s broadcast chat is prohibited; violating this rule may lead to the suspension of the host’s status by the ComeHome team.

Event Cancellation:


If a format is canceled the first time due to poor attendance, it is necessary to consult with your community manager. If the same format is canceled twice consecutively, it is necessary to follow the suggestions of the ComeHome team and propose a new format. The same unsuccessful format cannot be proposed for the third time.


If a host cancels three events three times consecutively, the ComeHome team will perform a quality check on the host’s modus operandi: Is the host actively participating in events? Has the host participated in events organized by the community manager to create connections between the new host and community mentors, or at the host day for networking? Does the host have a proactive and listening attitude?


If a host’s actions do not meet our qualitative standards, the ComeHome team reserves the right to suspend the host’s status.

Quality Control:

All events, before being published, must pass a check by the ComeHome team, which may make improvements to the cover, title, and description.

It is not allowed to copy another host’s cover photo, title, and event description. If a host violates this rule, the ComeHome team may cancel the event after consulting with the host.


Reserved Spots:

Hosts can reserve spots for people they invite to their events, provided that the number is limited so that most ComeHomers can fully experience ComeHome. The number of reserved spots is calculated in proportion to the size of the event and the total participants.

Reserved spots are for people invited by the host and who therefore do not pay the fee; any exchange of money on-site is prohibited.


Event Rating

Our goal is to ensure high quality of events and high satisfaction of participants; if a host receives a rating lower than 4 for two consecutive events, it’s necessary to take a “reflection break” of at least one month and participate in more events organized by other hosts in the community, to understand what can be improved as a ComeHome host!

Hosts are not authorized to persistently ask participants for explanations about the event rating through the comehome chat or other channels. Any behaviors deemed inappropriate (possibly evidenced by reports from the guests themselves) may lead to a suspension of the host role.


Reports and Blocks of Participants

Any unpleasant situation that occurs at a comehome event must be promptly reported to the team through the report button within the app.

Remember that a person can be reported and/or blocked only if they have behaviors contrary to the comehome spirit and are disrespectful towards hosts and/or other participants. When the reasons are not among these and are reduced to trivial matters (such as a low review or strictly personal issues or even rumors about some users that the host has not verified), we try to find a confrontation and possible clarification with the participant themselves. The blocking of dozens of participants by a host alone represents a blatant contradiction to the shared comehome values.

If a host has a high number of blocked users, the comehome team will be authorized to evaluate the host’s status, first admonishing the host and, if necessary, suspending them.


Accreditation Cost


Any cost that the participant must bear outside of the accreditation price in the app, must be paid directly to the facility or the third party providing the service through the issuance of a fiscal receipt or an electronic receipt.

In case the event involves the reservation of tickets or activities that require a total or partial advance payment, it’s necessary to choose between these options:


Set the total cost directly at the time of publication (cost of event accreditation + cost of the experience). In this case, the host will advance the cost of the experience and then receive the total compensation via transfer (possibly adjusting the cancellation terms as needed, to protect themselves and not lose money)

Set only the cost of accreditation to the event and communicate to the guests through broadcast chat the appropriate link (e.g., ticket purchase), to allow the guest to finalize the purchase of the experience.

In case the event involves payment of the experience on site, it’s necessary to set only the cost of accreditation to the event and specify in the description any costs that the guest will have to pay directly at the commercial establishment

If the payment of local guides is expected, it is mandatory that a receipt is issued to the participant.

  1. Any situations different from those reported must be discussed with your reference community manager before publishing the event.


Prohibited Behaviors


It is absolutely forbidden to accept cash in substitution for the accreditation (for all types of events)

All people, apart from the “reserved” who may be friends supporting the host during the event, and always in a reduced proportion compared to the total participants, must accredit themselves through the comehome platform.

It is absolutely forbidden to propose the event that is proposed on comehome on other platforms.


The comehome team checks the quality of its community daily. Incorrect behaviors and contrary to the aforementioned rules could jeopardize the stay within comehome.